Following are several questions frequently asked by our customers:

Frequently asked questions

How soon can I get my product?

Your labels or flexible packaging will be ready within 10 working days from when all approvals have been received.

If I need my product sooner, do I have to pay a rush fee?

No. Simply let us know what your timeline is and we will do everything we can to meet your deadline.

What is the minimum quantity I must order?

There is no minimum quantity requirement. Since it takes the same amount of time to set the press up to run 1 label as it does to run 1 million, there is a $500 minimum order charge (exclusive of plates, artwork, etc.). You may order only 1 label, but it will likely cost you the same as if you ordered 1,000.

What are plate and/or color change charges?

When you combine two or more identically sized items together to achieve a greater quantity (and a lower per unit price), these charges apply when we have to mount a new plate or install a new color in the press. If you are only ordering a single item, these charges do not apply.

How much do you charge for a printing plate?

Since the plate charge is based on the plate size, we charge $77 for a printing plate to print a label and $95 and higher for flexible packaging plates, depending on the size of the plate. This is a one-time charge and does not apply in repeat orders (unless you change your artwork).

Can you print my label size?

Most likely, Yes! Your custom label will require a die (a stainless steel tool) that cuts the shape of your label (like a cookie cutter). We have thousands of dies in inventory, so it’s likely we have your required size. If not, or if you want a truly “custom” size, no problem, we can order any die for you (one-time charge).

What are your payment terms?

On initial orders, we request a 50% deposit and the remainder C.O.D. Upon credit approval, our terms are Net 30. We do accept credit cards.

What is required to begin processing our order?

A purchase order reflecting the items you want printed, the quantities for each item, the price for each item and a deposit check. Of course, it’s also helpful to send us your artwork.

How should I send my artwork?

If small enough, you can send it via e-mail. If larger, we can provide you directions to upload it to our FTP site. We also can receive disks and other formats.

What is the process to get my product?

Receipt of your purchase order and deposit check initiates the process. Once we receive your artwork, to insure that we are printing what you want us to print, we will generate a color laser proof for your approval. We will generate a PDF proof if your job contains 4-color process, we will generate a digital matchproof. This matchproof closely reflects what the 4-color process will look like on press (if your job contains only PMS colors, we will not generate a matchproof and will match the PMS colors to the Pantone book). Once the matchproof is approved, we will schedule your job to print. It should be completed within 10 working days from this date.

May I press-check or watch my product as it’s printed?

Absolutely! We encourage you to come and press-check your item the first time it is printed. This insures that you get what you expected.

Why did I receive more or less product than I ordered?

Since printing is a subjective manufacturing process and there are multiple variables involved in insuring that you receive quality product, an order is considered complete if it is within 10% of the ordered quantity. In order to best achieve your desired quantity, we actually print approximately 20-25% more than you ordered. This allows us to discard any product not up to our quality standards and still meet your quantity requirements. Occasionally, there is more waste than we desire and we ship less than your ordered quantity. Also, there may be less waste and we may ship up to 10% more than your ordered quantity.